It’s already today! We invite you to the 5th edition of Warsaw Tattoo Convention 2017!
Due to the convention our studio will be closed today and tomorrow. So see you on Monday.

5th Warsaw Tattoo Convention 2017

We have an honour to invite you to the 5th edition of the Warsaw Tattoo Convention, that will be held within the three days edition on 6-8th of October 2017 at the Legia Warszawa Stadium. The latest fourth editions gathered more than 600 artists from nearly 25 countries and thousands of visitors. Once again we will host you in the modern Conference Center at the Legia Warsaw Stadium, which ensures all of us an efficient organization, promotion and unique climate. Participation has once again been announced by a number of distinguished guests from abroad and leaders from the Polish tattoo scene. Once again, we look forward for your participation in the event, hoping that for the fifth time we will create an incredible atmosphere. See you there!

During the 20th edition of our favorite convention, which takes place every year in a fabulous Vianden in Luxembourg, our studio will be represented by the following tattoo artists:

- Sebastian Junior -

- Marcin Lukasiewicz -

- Szejn -

From the latest edition of the Tattoo Konwent in Gdańsk we came back with the following rewards:

- Julia Szewczykowska - 1st place in the category: Best of the 2nd Day

- Julia Szewczykowska - 2nd place in the category: Best Small Color Tattoo

- Marcin Łukasiewicz - 1st place in the category: Best Marine Tattoo

- Marcin Łukasiewicz - 1st place in the category: Best Large Color Tattoo

- Szejn – 2nd place in the category:  Best Marine Tattoo

- Borislav Dementiev - 1st place in the category: Best Neo-traditional Tattoo.

We would like to thank the organizers for the great event and see you at the Katowice Tattoo Konwent 2017.

In the Juniorink box during the Gdańsk Tattoo Konwent 2017 you will see:

- Julia Szewczykowska

- Borislav Damngoodtattoo

- Szejn Szejnowski

See you there

We are pleased to announce, that in the latest, refreshed June No. of the Tattoofest – Convention & Magazine on the cover, for the first time in the history a man has appeared, our guy, Dominik Mądrachowski.

As he described at his own profile, in the 90s it was really hard to buy a professional tattoo magazine, but in Poland since 10 years we already have one of the best magazines in Europe.

We are feeling closely related with it just from the begging and in our studio you can find a full shelf of both an archive and actual editions. They state an inspiration for you but also brings a lot of knowledge about the national as well as foreign tattoo stage.

We invite you to a very comfortable subscription with the delivery directly to your home or to download a free App form the AppStore and Google Play, at which, just at the day of premiere you can purchase the newest editions of Tattoo Fest Magazin

In the photo Dominik with the boss of  TattooFestMagazin Radoslaw Blaszczynski.

Foto: Michał Szwerc
Foto okładki: Agata Adamczyk
Stylizacja: Chi-Chi Ude


During the forthcoming weekend you will be able to meet us almost at full strength at the 20th anniversary edition of the Tattoo Konwent in Poznań. Our box will be represented by:

See you there.

Yes, it is him. He has just arrived and we are after the first tests. Cool!!!

Already from Monday we invite you to make use of this professional laser tattoo removal service.

According to sessions feel free to contact with Błędy Młodości – laserowe usuwanie tatuażu (Mistakes of Youth – laser tattoo removal) or  directly in our studio.

Mistakes of youth, botched tattoos. It is not dreadful anymore. We will get out of it!

Our Julia will host the symposium at the Poznań Tattoo Konwent 2017.

Everything as a result of / Maciej Michalak.

Generally speaking we recommend you this anniversary edition of the Tattoo Konwent. We will be there in a full set of artists and of course with Dominik at the stage. See you there.

Do you wear some kind of mistakes of your youth ? Or maybe you were a victim by one of the “psedu-artist” that mutilate you ?

It’s no use crying over spilt milk, because we have started a cooperation with prestigious brand Błędy Młodości – laserowe usuwanie tatuaży (Mistakes of Youth – laser tattoo removal).

Thanks to this fusion we will have an access to the best laser on the market.

Keep an eye on news which are published at the  company’s profile as well as at ours.

We start at the beginning of February.

Juniorink Women vol.5 – Opening of the exhibition – 6th January 2017

An author’s project of The Worst Studio in the City Juniorink, intended to reveal the beauty of the female tattoo.

Agata Adamczyk / Panna Tutli Putli
She was a model in the first edition of the JuniorinkWomen by Blitz as well as in the third edition by Michał Warda WhiteSmoke Studio. She is an author of many smashinhg photographic sessions, including covers for the Tattoo Fest Magazine as well as the calendar for the Viva Foundation! This year she realizes all photographic sessions for the fifth edition of the juniorink women project.

Photographer: Agata Adamczyk / Panna Tutli Putli
Instagram: @pannatutliputli

Tattoo Artists:
Sebastian Junior – Instagram: @sebastianjr
Marcin Łukasiewicz - Instagram: @marcintattoo
Novick – Instagram: @novick76_ta2
Julia Szewczykowska - Instagram: @juliaszewczykowska
Ania I., Monika O., Karina, Maria, Małgosia, Monika S., Ula, Karolina, Ola, Anastasia, Renata, Ania B., Asia, Sandra, Fanny, Julie, Danusia, Kasia, Żyrafa
Make up:
Dorota Chomińska
Bożena Lipnicka
Graphic Design and Webmaster:
JNTS design
Photo Making Off:
Małgosia Mikulik
Dominik Mądrachowski
Video Making Off:
Sebastian Junior
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Tattoofest Festiwal Magazin
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5 edycja Warsaw Tattoo Convention 2017!

We have for you an awesome information !!!

We already know the date of the fifth edition of our event.

In 2017 we would like to invite you to the THREE  days of great time. The 5th edition of the Warsaw Tattoo Convention will be held on  6,7 and 8 of October !