How long Julia deals with tattoo ? I am not sure if it can be assessed in case of someone who grew up in tattoo studio… She took her first steps in a very tough art, which is work with a tattoo machine under the… mother’s eye ;)

Yes, Julia is a daughter of a well-known tattoo artist, Dagmara, an owner of the TatStudio from Gdańsk, the second artists generation in their family. Luckily for us, looking for her place on earth, she turned Gdańsk into the Warsaw and just like Szejn, she landed at “Uncle”  Karol in a Warsaw „Black Star”, where she spent a year and a half.

Several joint meetings, several tattoos made by us in our studio, and …she is already in our team.

Julia is a capable, hardworking, consistent person, she is a work titan (if we can say it as for the  woman). These are the features that make for her tattoos, created with a huge passion a queue is set just like the communist regime time. Her pets (and not only) have gained huge crowds of fans, not only in the country.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am pleased to present: The artist by big A, “The cherry on the Worst Cake” Julia!