I started as most tattoo artists – a room in the parents’ flat and friends from the courtyard who were even convinced more than I, that I should do it. To the tattoo in my today’s understanding was still a long way… However, already after six months, I was offered a job at ART-STUDIO in Warsaw. I was a bit frightened, because this studio had been existing already for 2 years and at that time it was quite known.

Simultaneously with work at the studio (1997), I started to attend an art high school in Warsaw. These were two, really hard years – school and work at The studio every day and, in addition, pilgrimages to various tattoo studios (watching, learning), etc.

In 1999, I finished mentioned above studies and I could finally deal with tattooing on a full time / endlessness. I was spending all days and sometimes even nights at the studio. At that time, I was thinking that I already knew everything about the technique itself (as a matter of fact, I was not even halfway).

At that time, I met a lot of people who in one way or another were bringing me down to earth. From them I learned the most, it turned out that what I seemed to be perfect, it could be much better.

A moment later, I started to travel abroad. First of all just as an observer, then as a tattoo artist. I travelled very often to exchange experience with an artists from the whole world, I have been looking for how they work, also searching for my own directions and so it is until today. All this, so that my clients could have better tattoos, be distinguished by the crowd. I want my work screamed and catch the eye. I still paint pictures.

I have worked in many European countries, in Japan, Singapore, Brazil and in the USA. I have taken part in numerous international conventions during which I have won more than 140 prestigious awards. I am co-author of the “Juniorink Woman” project (which has already had three editions) and an author of painting exhibitions…. In 2009 at Warsaw tattoo convention I was chosen as “the best tattoo artist of the last twenty years in Poland” many times I have participated in works of jury, I was also co-organizer of the international convention Tattooshow 2002 in Warsaw and Tattooshow 2003 in Katowice and from 2013 together with Dominik form Azazel Studio we organize a “Warsaw Tattoo Convention” for you.

…and I promises, it is not the end ;)