Szejn was introduced by Davee, our common friend, tattoo artist, an artist, drawer and a globetrotter. It could be said: if you have such recommendation…. But slowly. His first tattoo experience he gained of course at home, in that time he came to Juniorink only socially, to ask questions, to take a look at tattoos or to consult.

Soon he started his professional career. For two years he worked in „Black Star Studio” in Warsaw, where he could finally day-by-day commune with tattoo machine.

At this point, I shall make a small digression… Tattoo is not the only art form that Szejn prefers. Before he became a tattoo master, he was distinctive and well-known figure in the world of Graffiti, related inter alia, with the legendary VHS team.

Since August 2014 Szejn is a part of our team, in love with graphic forms, inscriptions, which he adores and colour. In his works you can find the penetration of two worlds, which are: Tattoo and Graffiti. He still paints walls ;)

Husband, Father, Artist … Szejn … Although the order is not entirely clear;)