Today, piercing is everywhere and fashion for piercing has nothing to do with age or sex. Piercing has become an extremely popular and relatively safe method of decorating body.  / body decoration

However, we should remember that unprofessional or unhygienic piercing involves huge risk. Therefore, while selecting a piercer our attention should be paid to all aspects of piercing. Salon selected by chance may not guarantee appropriate health protection.

We are contrary to anything – including the proverb “shoemaker goes barefoot”. Suchy, who has mastered the art of piercing, has verified all patents on himself or on someone from us :)

In “Juniorink Studio” we make piercing at all parts of the body. We perform it under 100% sterile and safe conditions, using professional equipment. We have a wide knowledge of techniques of piercing and caring of pierced body parts. We have a great range of piercings and tunnels. In addition, we always give our clients advice and assistance in nagging “piercing-related” problems.