You can catch Marcin Łukasiewicz Tatuaże i Malarstwo during the week from 7.11 up to 12.11 at the Bright Side Tattoo in Copenhagen, where Kuba Kujawa has invited him. We invite you to contact with artist by FB or by the following e-mail address: \m/

1st Łódź Tattoo Konwent / November 26th/27th 2016

During the first edition of the Łódź Tattoo Konwent in NOVEMBER our studio will be represented by Julia SzewczykowskaMarcin Łukasiewiczand Borislav Damngoodtattoo Dementiev.
We invite you on 26/27.11.2016.

According projects, please contact:

Already, in the coming weekend Sebastian Junior will take part in the Hong Kong International Tattoo Convention 2016.

Boss, we wish You best of luck!


In our studio you can already buy great cosmetics from Balm Tattoo Polska to properly care for your tattoo.

We cordially invite you.
















When he visited us for the first time on a guest spot we didn’t thought that this friendly Ukrainian will become a part of the Juniorink team. So that is what happened and it will become reality just after the 4th Warsaw Tattoo Convention 2016.

Ladies and Gentleman, from 10th of October 2016 Borislav Damngoodtattoo Dementiev will sit in his chair in The Worst Studio in the City !!!

Very hardworking and creative artist, who when is not keeping a tattoo machine in his hand, for sure is drawing a next project :-)

We would like to cordially invite you to have some newschool projects made by Borislav. Recently his hobby horse are portraits made by his own interpretation.

Do tattoos this type have always rub against the hyperrealism ? Probably not. This artist proves it in his own way :-)

Welcome Bro among the Worst!

8th Gdansk Tattoo Konwent 2016

Ok, let’s make a summary… From the latest 8th edition of the Gdańsk Tattoo Konwent we have brought 4 prizes ! Julia Szewczykowska in the following categories: 1st Place „Tattoo inspired by nature”, 2nd Place „Tattoo linked with the sea” and 3rd Place “Graphic tattoo”. Junior has received a prozę for the 3rd Place in the “Large black-grey tattoo” category. The next festival at which you can catch us is the Katowice Tattoo Konwent 24/25th of September. See you there.

What an action !!!

We would like to invite you to a holiday game with our skull logo \m/
So, pick up us onto the journey around the world and give yourself a chance to win three daylong sessions at the chosen tattoo artist! Yeap, it is a serious prize for one person!

The rules are simple. You drop in to our studio to pick up stickers, then you take them with you on your vacations, stick them and send it to us at the following e-mail addresss:, in the title put „Holidays with Juniorink”.
You may also make a photo of yourself wearing our brand T-shirt. All photos that includes our skull logo take part in our game :-).

The winner will be chosen on 3rd of October 2016 and will have an opportunity to receive three daylong sessions at the chosen tattoo artist  from our studio  or three separate appointments with selected tattoo artists from our team :-)

We will also have a consolation prizes  - tattoo vouchers to be used at the Juniorink the Worst Studio in the City.

So, the ball is in your court ! Show us your creativity and take part in our holiday game.

Ready, steady…Go !!

Here you got the list of the national tattoo Conventions, that will be held still this year, at which you can catch us:

- 23/24th of July Gdańsk Tattoo Konwent

- 24/25th of September Katowice Tattoo Konwent

- 8/9th of October Warsaw Tattoo Convention

- 26/27th of November Łódź Tattoo Konwent

We cordially invite you.

11th Tattoo Fest Cracow 2016

We have just come back from the 11th edition of the Tattoofest Festival.

The eldest polish tattoo fesival has already accustomed us to a such good organization as well as the high level of works presented on the stage.
We met a heck of a lot friends from a different parts of the world, inter alia Niccku Hori from the Galaxy Tattoo 2 studio in Singapore . Generally, for the first time in the history visitors had an opportunity to watch the work of so many distinguished artists from the Far East.
According to the stage, as every year, in the role of the judge together with the Sławomir, Dagmara and Szymon, we could see Junior and as an emcee of the event of course Dominion accompanied by Karolina.

Thanks for an excellent event, rock’n’roll moments at Kazimierz by night and of course we invite all of you for an event organized together with the AZAZEL Studio Milanówek to the 4th edition of the Warsaw Tattoo Convention, 8-9th of October 2016.

Borislav „Damngoodtattoo” Dementiev guest spot 6-10 June

In June, a very nice guest from Ukraine, Borislav Damngoodtattoo Dementiev  will visit us, for the second time.

He will sit on a guest chair during 6 – 10th of June, so just before Tattoofest Festival in Cracow.

We cordially invite you to get some author’s designs but not only. This artist, according to his own style, realizes every client’s idea :-)

Direct contact via mail:

On behalf of the organizers - AZAZEL Studio Milanówek and Juniorink theWorstStudioInTheCity we would like to invite you to the 4th edition of the Warsaw Tattoo Convention, which we’d like to remind will be held in AUTUMN, 8-9th October at the Legia Warsaw Stadium.

Up from tomorrow we start sending invitations and accepting application from the artists willing to participate in our event.

Meanwhile, we would like to cordially invite you on 18-19th March to the first edition of the Poznań Tattoo Konwent, that is the first edition in the area of Wielkopolska of this proven tattoo event. It will be also an opportunity to honour our friend – Sławek Frączak from the studio in Poznań, who will celebrate his 25th anniversary of work in such profession.

See you there.

Mr Frog, by Julia Szewczykowska, a main character in the 4th edition of the Warsaw Tattoo Convention in the new view, of which a JNTS Design is responsoble.