Before the JUNIORING came into begin… well, yeah. It was not just like someday I just thought that I would open a tattoo studio. This decision has matured in me all these years. I started to work as a tattoo artist over 17 years ago, in 1997.

First place, I have been related with for a longer period of time was ART-STUDIO, studio formerly known in the Ursynów District of Warsaw. I was working there, developing and fighting for better future – both mine and the place – for 8 years

Warm memories and people that I met there make me today that I think of this place with certain dose of nostalgia, but you know, without bitterness or anger. However, after all those aforementioned years, a moment came when I decided that I wanted to be a master of my time and I bet on independence. This is how the idea of JUNIORINK- the Worst Studio in the City – was born.

Today in each city you will find a couple of or even few dozen tattoo studios. So, what in fact is tattoo studio ? Is it a point of service ? Or maybe it is a cabinet or an art studio ? Everyone has it’s own opinion. However, in my understanding a tattoo studio is a place where people meet connected with a common passion. The moment in which I realized that it was a priority in my professional life was also the moment of making decision of professional adulthood !

The year 2005 brought huge changes. We decided to leave. Saying “we”, I mean me and my bosom friend – Suchy, without whom perhaps I would have never dare to do it. It is easy to say, but far harder is to put words into action…

Our way to gain the goal was long, winding and were it not for the army of friendly people, I don’t know what it could be…However, finally, we managed and in March we opened a studio at Nowy Świat and since September 2005  Marszałkowska Street has became our new place.

…So it was for over 9 years …  until September 2014.

We are still on the Constitution Square, however we just moved 200 m, the change is really big … We hope that our new place will suit your taste even more, and our new, expanded team will be for you even greater inspiration for new crazy ideas!


Juniorink Studio is a place totally different than all the others. It is a place where not only tattooing art is important. Here we talk about music, kids, scooters and home renovations. Nobody comes here by accident and everyone who comes is soaked through the atmosphere, passion and a joy of life. The team of the Juniorink studio is composed by the multiannual friendships transferred at the professional field plus few dozen people gathered around us, known as Juniorink TEAM.

An enjoyable summary of our joint efforts is the „Icon” for the Juniorink as one of the best tattoo studios in Poland, which one we received at the Eastern Art Fusion 2009, convention in Warsaw.


What is awaiting for you ? First of all – an individual attitude. It is not that important for us that you will leave our studio with a tattoo. We want a situation that each client leaves us with a very good tattoo, which will become an object of admiration and surroundings envy.

Six tattoo artists and often also artists on the Guest Spots – connected with one passion and different interests, is a guaranty of a real individual attitude to the clients. Each of you has a possibility to compare the style of each of us work and a possibility to choose a tattoo artist from which the style you are most identified with.


It is another issue, which is often quite important for clients. So, now, if you want to get to our studio you do not have to take a long journey to the suburbs, huddle together in the underground and wondering how you are going to get back home wearing foil and adhesive tapes.

Now, if you are in the center of Warsaw, that means that you are on the spot ! You are in the Worst Studio in the City !!! ;)