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JUNIORINK tattoo studio in Warsaw welcomes you!

Do you want in an original way embellish your body, taking at the same time the opportunity to meet people full of passion, good humour and positive perspective on the world? In such case we open really broadly our doors for you. Meet the Worst Studio in the City, a team, for which nothing is impossible :) You are the one for who we constantly want to change for the better and develop our skills.
We offer you the possibility to choose a specialist, whose works suits you the most. The highest quality of performed projects makes you happy to come back to us, asking for another tattoo. It is worth to mention that JUNIORINK STUDIO is not only a tattoo studio. First and foremost it is a meeting place, way of life, as well as the opportunity to make new acquaintances. Here you will find unique atmosphere and the real art. Do you have on your skin a tattoo of which you are not proud of? Trust our specialists, for whom tattoo removal states every-day reality.
We use the equipment from the team with a graceful name „Mistakes of Youth”, with the help of which we will lighten up your old design so that you can make a new tattoo on it.

All of our work is not only about tattoo! Check out of what our tattoo studio is famous for

Our offer does not end with the creation of a tattoo, although it's mainly what we do. JUNIORINK states also a professional piercing studio. On the spot we offer a big range of piercing jewellery lots, plugs, tunnels and many others decorations that you have ever dreamed of. Choose the piercing you like best and indulge yourself in the hands of our experienced piercer. In just a few moments will help you create the image you have long dreamed of ! We know how important during such treatments hygiene is, that is why the piercing takes place in completely safe and sterile conditions. For piercing we use solely and exclusively needles, not cosmetic pistols. You do not have to be afraid of anything, you are in good hands! And if you are worried of any aspects related to piercing, our piercing studio will dispel your apprehension ! You can always consult our specialist who will answer all your questions with pleasure. Remember, Warsaw is a big city, but the Worst Studio in the City is only one!:) We are glad that you hit us and we hope that we will have the opportunity to meet soon. We cordially invite you to our tattoo studio located in Warsaw, 2 Constitution Square. Check out how one excellent tattoo (or maybe more than one?) will change your life!