Global Tattoo Sale + Album Listening Event (Warsaw)

Already on 20th February, a one day before the newest Ozzy Osbourne album will reach the stores, fans from above 50 cities all around the world be available to listen to the pre-release album „Ordinary Man”. A music of the Prince of darkness  will be heard in 50 cities all around the world, including two tattoo studios in Poland. In Warsaw in the Worst Studio in the City, Juniorink, and in Wrocław in awesome Zajawa Tattoo Studio. A spot promoting the event is available HERE.

Why in tattoo studios? Ozzy’s fans besides listening to his newest music, could choose amazing designs prepared by the artists from Zajawa and Juniorink, inspired by the legend of metal. Each studio will prepare 17 incredible compositions in a special price, which will be waiting for the maniacs of British artist. To join the action you have to go to the website:  and sing up to the visit the matching city. Those who sing up will receive at their mailboxes a confirmation. Persons who first reach the studio on 20th February will be served first. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee to that all interested will be served, so you have to hurry up and appear in studios on the early morning.

News, challenges, projects

How about you, my dear? From the latest issues, we are preparing to the Tattoo Konwent in Poznań, which is for us us usually unique, because we are hosting in our area our friends from team. Besides, this is the biggest national tattoo festival. Visit us obligatory. We will have T-shirts from Juniiorink Shop and machines from Junix Machines. In our box of course stickers art with skulls cannot be missed. 

This year we dedicate also to the hard work on Juniorink Women, se follow the profile of this project. Who will be responsible for the this year’s photo session  and what models will participate ? All of these information you will find in our social media. 

October - of course the 7th edition of the Warsaw Tattoo Convention, which we coordinate together with the team from Azazel Milanówek. Yes, this year’s means a lot of challenges, but we like it.

Jarek Goraj Gorajek at Juniorink

Already in December this year we will host  one of the more interesting artist from this part of Europe when it comes to realistic tattoo in blackness . Ambitious, really hard working and still learning, he will arrive to us directly from Japan. Only he knows how many rewards he gained at tattoo festivals not only within the country. 

In private really hearted guy, who gets involved in a charity.

We are pleased to invite you on a first guest spot of Jarek Goraj Gorajek, which will be held on  11-15th December 2018.

Willing to have a session with artist we invite to contact via e-mail: . On behalf of an enthusiasts of ultra committed reflection of reality on the skin should be hurried up with booking appointments, because we do not know where Jarek feet takes him in the future.