Piercing Warszawa

Our JUNIORINK Piercing Studio guarantees an individual approach to the client. Each piercing procedure is an interesting challenge for us, that is why it has to be prepared well. Here, you will not be able to find specialists who pierce the body routinely. All piercing procedures precedes the conversation, during which together we decide on further proceedings. We know how important it is to professionally perform piercing, that's why you can always count on a friendly atmosphere and help from highly qualified people. Thanks to them you will be able to enjoy the achieved effect for a long time. Our piercer will respond to all your expectations while maintaining the highest quality and hygiene during piercing.

The JUNIORINK piercing salon keeps the most strict safety regulations. We want to be sure that our clients feel confident during each treatment. We make piercing using modern, sterile equipment using the highest quality materials. Our piercing salon is pride itself on having one qualified specialist, so you can be sure that next to your chair crowds of other piercing enthusiasts will not be present. We will help you choose the right decoration, and after the piercing you will be given tips on how to care for a freshly pierced place.

The devil’s not so black as he is painted! Piercing performed by professionalists

How should a good piercing studio looks like? Above all, cleanliness. For the procedure we put on disposable gloves, the tools we use are sterilized in an autoclave, and piercings jewellery are put in disposable packaging. All this is made so that the client coming to our piercing studio feel confident and calm. Before the beginning of the procedure, we exhaustively explain each stage of it, and now the whole of Warsaw slowly begins to come to the JUNIORINK piercing studio:) The piercings we offer come from the best producers. This guarantees the safety of piercing and ensures that the decorations are made of materials safe for the body, such as titanium or surgical steel. Thanks to this, the risk of allergic reactions during piercing is reduced to zero.

Here you can be sure that the applied piercing is new and sterilized in a hospital autoclave. We use disposable needles bring out from sterile packaging just before the piercing procedure. Contrary to popular opinion, the moment of putting on the piercing is not so painful and takes just about a dozen seconds. In order to increase the access of fresh air to the piercing part after the procedure of piercing our experienced piercer puts a slightly longer piercing that ensures faster healing. If you want to find out how piercing looks, we invite you to JUNIORINK STUDIO. We guarantee high quality of the procedure, admiration on the friends faces of and satisfaction of the new piercing!:)