The decision to open in 2005 his own studio was revolutionary and the road to the place where we can meet today was plenty of bends and challenges. However, Junior's passion and vision, as well as unswerving support of devoted group of friends, cause that Warsaw finally got one’s own the Worst Studio in The City! ;) It is not only a professional tattoo studio, although it is primarily such one. It is a micro and macrocosmos in one, of which the atmosphere is created by people and JUNIORINK team.

Here you can meet enthusiasts of tattoo art, whose their artistic development inseparably connected with this place and are just from the beginning of its existence, and this is an infrequent situation in this business.

Changing in 2014 of the location of studio on the other side of the Constitution Square allowed to increase the space and make the possibility to invite to cooperation further promising tattoo artists.

At the moment our team consists of seven tattoo artists, one piercer and a man with a laser with a graceful name "mistakes of youth". They make our tattoo studio operates at top speed, and thanks to this more and more people wear beautiful and well-thought-out tattoos.

In a good tattoo studio a real piece of art is being created. Look at our work.

Coming to JUNIORINK tattoo studio does not only states an ordinary meeting with tattoo art at the highest world level. It is a time spent with open-minded and curious about the world people. Here, an individual approach to each idea matters at all and that is why nobody gets here by accident. Our goal is not „good enough” tattoo studio. For the team the most important thing for is to create amazing and awe-inspiring works, peculiar piece of art.

Each of visiting us person has a opportunity to compare the style of work of each tattoo artist and selection of the artist whose style he or she identifies the most. So be prepared that coming to JUNIORINK STUDIO can change your life forever

The package os services offered by our studio include:

PIERCING - JUNIORINK STUDIO is a professional tattoo and piercing studio. Here you will meet a notable piercing specialist. Suchy, within his professional career has a dozen or so years of practice. He pierces all body parts with a professional equipment, in 100% sterile and safe conditions. On the spot you can find quite a big range of piercing jewellery, tunnels and many other body decorations that can be used in piercing. In addition, in case of doubts you can always consult bothering you issues with us.

LASER - JUNIORINK STUDIO has also the highest quality equipment for laser tattoo removal from the „Mistakes of Youth“ company, that guarantees the minimalization of side effects and quick and safe procedure without a local anesthetic. Now all the ill-conceived or failed tattoos can be lightened enough so that you can apply new designs on them.

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