JUNIORINK STUDIO deals with bringing forward of dreams. Only here, in our studio you will make a unique tattoo, resulting from work on an individually created project. Every tattoo artist discusses with the client and on the basis of an exchange of opinions, an original project, is created which then will be transferred on the skin. Our works helps you express yourself in an original way. So if you want to see how the Worst Studio in the City of Warsaw works - we cordially invite you! ☺ For each of our clients we approach individually, and the result of our work is always a tattoo that you will not see anyone else. We provide sterile conditions and guarantee safety during the procedure. Our tattoo artists work on a high-quality equipment and pay enormous attention to every, even the smallest detail of the design. Do you want to get to know a tattoo studio that understands your needs? Come and visit us!

With us you will create your dreamed tattoo

By choosing JUNIORINK STUDIO you can be sure that you will be in hands of highly qualified specialists. Our tattoo artists will respond to all your expectations and carry out even the craziest designs. If you need advice on the design, colour or size of tattoos, we will be happy to help you. We know that tattoo art does not stand still, that's why especially for you we constantly train and develop, taking part in numerous tattoo festivals, where we have the opportunity to gain experience and observe new trends. We do not work with tattoo artists who browse catalogues in search of a suitable design. Each tattoo is preceded by the conversation. Thanks to this, we work out a common project, that satisfies both sides, the tattoo artist and the client.

Do you want to remove the tattoo you made and the whole of Warsaw refuses to make it? Come to us! We offer laser tattoo removal, thanks to which you quickly forget about the problem you are facing. Our tattoo studio also deals with piercing at the highest, world-class level. Welcome to JUNIORINK STUDIO. Come to Warsaw at 2 Constitution Square and check out that passionate tattoo artists exists in this world!:)