Tattoo removal

The trend for tattoos is growing larger: almost one of ten Poles has painted decorations on their bodies. So it is not surprisingly that removal of a tattoo which the owner no longer wants to have becomes popular. And here we enter the game, in other words JUNIORINK STUDIO:) We offer you completely safe brightening tattoos procedures. We work with the latest laser technology on equipment from the Mistakes of Youth company. It allows you to get rid of the body a tattoo which you no longer want to see, and to convert it into completely new one. Clients making appointment for laser tattoo removal most often comes with really old works, faded or made using amateur methods. As opposed to those amateur method, procedures using laser are completely safe and effective. Today, the technology is developed enough to successfully eliminate pigments introduced into the skin. Does it cost a lot? The price depends on the size of the tattoo and the colors used to make it, but we care about its affordability. If, for various reasons, you want to get rid of your tattoo, we invite you to JUNORINK STUDIO.

How does laser tattoo removal looks like? A few words about the procedure

You should know that tattoo removal does not end with one procedure. Often you have to come to the studio even 3-4 times to completely get rid of pigment from the skin. The beam of light that is sent by the laser makes that tattoo is broken into small pieces, which later on are naturally eliminated from the body. Therefore, a good move is to show up at next tattoo removal not more often than every 6 weeks. Making fewer sessions in the longer time will be more beneficial to your health - which is, after all, the most important issue.

The procedures of getting rid of a tattoo lasts up to a dozen or so minutes depending on the size of unwanted tattoo. You are usually wonder if tattoo removal hurts? Well, yes, it is not a pleasant feeling. Many clients compare it to the pain after shooting the skin with a rubber band.:) Of course, for each of you removing of tattoo will perceptible be a bit differently. However, satisfaction after the disappearance of the tattoo rewards the time spent on the chair. If you plan to get rid of the effect of "mistake of youth" or the tattoo reminds you something you want to forget, or simply ceased to please you – we invite you to JUNIORINK STUDIO.